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Uninstall Drivers with Time Machine

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  • Uninstall Drivers with Time Machine


    So I recently installed some drivers and I didn't have the foresight to take a snapshot before I installed the drivers. When I rebooted my pc to finish installing, I repeatedly got the BSOD. In conclusion, I probably installed some bad drivers. I rolled back to a previous snapshot, but the last one I made was in august. Needless to say, many files were lost.

    I looked on the help manual and found that using the time machine, you could mount a snapshot and copy files from there. Thank god I set it so that whenever I switched snapshots it would take a snapshot before switching. However, I'm wondering whether or not I can uninstall the driver from that mounted snapshot? I'm currently copying all the files from the mounted snapshot by hand, and it's a very tedious process. If anyone can help, I'd be very grateful. On the flip side, I'd also appreciate it if you just said "no you can't, sorry" and put my worries to rest.


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    Thank you for this post but are you really sure about what you’re saying? Do you have more sources for us?