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this guy deserves to be banned forever he just keeps spamming Xcitium stuff

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@Staff Team please do something about this

Hi @Nik , this is not a spam but instead highlighting Xcitium/Comodo products. It helps with site traffic and I don’t see any disadvantage unless done too frequently.

nivedithab agrees with me to ban him

I am sorry but we won’t ban Xcitium/Comodo fans who want to help us.


Product forums are meant to be spam-free, to connect potential user with current user, staff, tech support, etc.

Bonus: You boost your SEO
Con: It annoys your forum users

There are ways to boost SEO that doesn’t need to be directly visible on the forums, it may be practical for those to be explored, OR, if you are indeed going to allow these types of posts, they gotta have a bit more substance to them to justify themselves.

My 2 cents.


exeactly he basically annoyes me because he spreads it 1 million times

Overarching, I think these are the key points being missed here.

XCITIUM/COMODO has a wide sweeping product portfolio. No matter how closely we watch it as it evolves, there will always be thing we as users don’t know, and we as users have the opportunity to be enlightened over.

I would not personally find these promotional posts offensive if it had something of substance to it. EX: I tested (product) against (threat1, threat2, threat3) and it was (result), take a look here: with a hyperlink to a product page or video or etc.

But for those of us who do interact frequently here, we’re already full and well aware of who XCITIUM is, who Comodo is, what they do, what they make, and typically, we’ll be aware what it’s capable of; so if that’s all we’re being presented messages containing, we’re going to complain that it’s spam and that’s tech forums in a nutshell.

This would be like me booking a consult WITH the Xcitium team, get on the phone, and start pitching their own product to them. Immense and immediate confusion, probably a hang-up, overall frustration.


i understand ilosant spreads it 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 even 10 times but 10+ its just annoying

I agree on what you say, but I’d say “banning” a fan is not the correct action.

I agree, which is why I stated instead it may be better for everyone to require post QUALITY if those are the types of posts intending to be shared.

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forgive me, I have been studying information security and marketing since 2006;
I report bugs and errors, I try to help as much as I can…

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i forgive you but please dont post 1 million posts because everyone uses Xcitium you dont have to post it 1 million times

@lio-sant You’ve been studying since 2006 and still haven’t grasped basic forum usage? I’ve seen you over in the Comodo forums as well, doing this exact same thing. This is also not your only account here… something doesn’t add up.

@Ilgaz, I understand not wanting to ban fans, but you and the rest of the mods should at least be willing to moderate and keep the quality and integrity of the forums in check. I come here for useful information, and to contribute to helping solve problems. It’s hard to do that when the platform gets bogged down by irrelevant and unhelpful information.


hi @kwallity , thank you for sharing valuable feedback. We will take the necessary actions from now on.