Managed SOC device bill

Can anyone tell me how I find the device I am being billed for?
Cant see a single device that matches this.

Product Name:

Order Number:
License Key:
License Expires:

PO number:
Total Value: Managed SOC - Device
1 month
August 03, 2024


Hi @SmartCloud

Based on our review of the issue, your portal has over usage for SOCaaP managed devices and for Endpoint Manager devices. You can view this information on License Management > Bill Forecast section: Bill Forecast, Devices Management | Endpoint Manager | COMODO - check the OVERUSE column.

On Bill Forecast sections there are several Product Categories:

Endpoint Manager (EM) = enrolled endpoints.
Advanced Endpoint Protection (AEP) = endpoints with Security client installed. The AEP licenses include the corresponding EM seats, so if there is any AEP overuse, we do not invoice for the same quantity of EM seats.

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) = endpoints with EDR agent installed. EDR agents collects and reports different activity logs to Xcitium Enterprise. These logs are analyzed automatically, and alerts are created according to predefined or custom alert policy. We do not invoice for EDR usage.

SOCaaP Managed endpoints = endpoints enrolled and protected with AEP which are sending Security Client logs to SOCaaP backend where these logs are analyzed by SOC specialists to apply remediation actions or adjust profile settings if needed. Invoiced per endpoint. This service can be enabled automatically if the endpoint is enrolled with corresponding option enabled:

Also, a protected endpoint can be marked as Managed manually on SOCaaP: SOCaaP → Dashboard → Customer Health → Click Endpoint Security → Select protected endpoint → Manage.
Endpoints can be unmanaged on this section as well:

Please note that SOCaaP managed postpaid bill includes the usage for last 30 days. So, if you unmanage endpoints, but some of them had managed status for last 30 days, they will be included in the invoice.

Thats the thing, I dont see anything like that.
We have been migrating off Xcitum for a while now and woudlnt have used this service.
Please show me where the device is?
When was it added.
If its removed then when was it removed.

hi @SmartCloud

this charge might have been raised for device which was earlier under managed service and for which logs would have been sent , could you please drop in email to our support id - along with all the details that there is not device under managed service , so that our team can forward it to the specialist team to investigate further.

and what detail would that be besides the bill you already have?

I dont know the device. We have never used that service purposely.
If its a device we removed, how do I give you any details.
Just more BS from Xcitum billing department.

hi @SmartCloud

Our specialist team would be able to retrieve logs from the backend for the device which got billed under the 30 days time period. I will raise ticket from my end to the backend team with all the details you have shared here to investigate further.

Billing just responded to the email I sent a week ago.
Totally ignored the question and issue.

Typical Xcitium. Its all become a joke.

Hi @SmartCloud

apologies for the inconvenience caused, We take your feedback seriously to improve our services better.

I have as well raised ticket to specialist team regarding the issue to investigate from backend .