Remote Control is not working for newer MacOs | Endpoint Manager crashes

I noticed that the Endpoint Manager crashes when i try to remote in on newer MacOS 12.1 and higher like Ventura.

When ever an update/upgrade of MacOs is applied it has a big impact on functionality.
Basically the endpoint gets left out and cannot be remote controlled any longer.

Ive seen this many times and then it takes ages to create a new client or update the software to let it work again.

Is there any ETA for Ventura support?

Hello @itarianfan , MacOS 13 Ventura is going to be officially supported with December 2022 Major release.

If anyone face the same issue, try enable Silent Remote Control in the Mac Security Profile and Remote Control options.

Asking the user… wil popup a message on the endpoint and this crashes the Endpoint Manager when you try to remote in