Add more options to the Communication Agent

The options available at the endpoint where the communication agent is installed is pretty limited. The following options are requested by the operations team.

  • Ability to see the procedure run history - This should be made available similar to what is available in Client Security UI. Today this is only visible in rmmlogs which is txt format.

  • Ability to see the profiles applied to the workstation - This should be made available to check which profiles are appllied to a workstation. This is currently only available at the management portal but should also be made avaiable at the workstation level.

-Ability to see the scheduled tasks at the workstation level - This should be made available to check the schedules that are applied to the workstation. Ex. Scheduled procedures, agent updates, maintenance window

  • Ability to see communication issues- This is only available at the rmmlogs level and should be added to the agent UI, to check if the agent is experiencing communication issues with the management server.

  • Diagonistics - This should be made available to check which management server address the agent is not able to communicate with. This is required to troubleshoot communicaiton issues between agent and server.

Hello @myr , could you please extend your use case on the need to see all these (except communication diagnostics) directly on endpoint level, instead of the centralized console?

We have server staff and ground staff. The ground staff has not been given access to the server console, so they cannot see all the above mentioned details.

Further, even for server staff, they dont have access to the rmmlogs from the central console. So they have to anyways connect to the workstation and see it. Today they have to open the log files and see it and they want this to be in GUI as its easier than looking at a text log. This is similar to Client Security which provides the abililty to look at the logs from the UI of the Client Security.

Also when we ask tech support, they say the logs are in proprietary format and only they can open it. So we are not able to look at logs ourselves. We have to open a ticket for logs to get analyzed. So its better that the Logs section is updated in such a way that we can see atleast last 30 days of logs on the server side also.

Hello @myr , thank you very much for the detailed explanation about your use case. We will assess each request and will place on our roadmap. We will inform you about a possible timeline.