Any Advise on EDR custom policy?

Hi Guys,
Just checking in if anyone has advised on creating some good rule for the policy in EDR. The default gives good protection but also adding some additional rules for EDR policy to make things more secure.

Any advice or rules will be helpful.


Hi @QuickSilverST , could you please check your PM re EDRĀ® policy.

Can you please advise me also on additional rules for EDR policies so that we cna enhance our security.

hi @Siddhesh

please find the guide below which helps you to manage the EDR policy.

Thank you!

Hi Niveditha ,
This shows how to create policy, i want to know what policies can be created rather than default policies

Hi @Siddhesh

With create new policy you can create customized policy as per your requirement. You can view sample in the guide.