Available Patches under Patch Management section

Hi Xcitium Team,

Currently the Patch Management section shows the list of Windows patches based on the information that it receives from the Windows Update scan from the endpoint. This is not the correct approach.

You should should allow to select the OS type from the management server and it should then go to https://catalog.update.microsoft.com and show us the list of updates available for those operating systems that we selected.

Based on that we can then create a patch procedure.

For e.g. we have a workstation with Windows 10 20H2 x64 and there is an applicable patch “2022-11 Cumulative Update Preview for Windows 10 Version 20H2 for x64-based Systems (KB5020030)”.

However I am not seeing that patch in the managment portal to schedule the installation.


Hello @myr,

Thank you for submitting your request. We will inform you as soon as possible after analyzing the specified request.