Being billed while using free tier (Essentials)

I’ve been using the free tier since Comodo RMM, about 9 years ago. I received a bill yesterday for $168 for “Xcitium Services”, which is odd, because I have already changed the profile to only use the free “Essentials” service, and do not use any extras (no client security, no management, nothing extra). All I need is just the remote function, which is in the free tier.

I responded to stating that this was a mistake, as I was on the free tier. The response was that they would cancel the order, and that if I wanted to not be billed in the future I would need to see the included attachment for changing the profiles to the free tier. I replied that I had already done that, and included screenshots showing the device listing which shows all devices using the “Free” profile, and another screenshot showing the profile used which only has "Essentials (free) checked. I also explained that I had deleted all other profiles that I was able to delete, and asked what else I needed to do to prevent this billing issue.

The response was, “Just letting you know that the account will be automatically deleted after 7 days.”

That was it. That was their response.

I replied that I did NOT want my account to be deleted, and that I was wanting to know what else I needed to do to keep from being billed again. The response was another email about how to change the tier in the profile, and the ticket was marked “resolved.”

Now I don’t know what to do. I don’t want to be billed, but I’ve already done everything I think I needed to do to not be billed. I’ve checked and double checked, and all my devices are using the “Free” tier, with NO extras selected. I believe I have everything set properly, because if I try to access a feature that isn’t free, it tells me it’s an “Unlicensed Feature” (such as patch management, procedures, etc.)

I’m pi$$ed that the response from Xcitium was they were going to automatically delete my account. That’s their answer when all I was asking was what did I need to do.

So I wanted to see if anyone else has had this issue. I also want someone from Xcitium support to look at my account and tell me why I’m being billed when everything I can see says I should be on the Free tier and should NOT be billed.

What can I do?

For any Xcitium support person, the ticket number is 30651

hi @tanguero

Apologies for the inconvenience caused by our side. I will take it forward with the concern team and check that you account is not deleted and it is under free service with all respective configuration under profile.

I really thank you for your understanding and patience regarding the issue, and we will ensure that you will face such issues further.

I will request the team to get back to you on your ticket.

thank you