Biometric Key For Login

Has anyone successfully setup a FIDO2 biometric USB key to log into Xcitium as an alternative to using an Authenticator app or any other kind of USB key? It’s a bit awkward as I continuously use the Authenticator app.

If so can you clue me in to the steps involved?


hi @itplain

could you please provide us more details with screenshot

+1 to this, would be great to see passkeys here

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Instead of:
finding my phone (assuming I remembered bringing my phone to work) and
finding the app on my phone and
finding the listing in the authenticator app since I have a big listing (is why I bought a USB key)

How do I add an alternative method besides just what you see in the login screenshot taken after I type in my username password:

@nivedithab what he’s asking is, instead of an authenticator code being our only available 2fa method, support for passkeys would be great because I’ll even say, we’re constantly having to go find a phone somewhere to log back in, re-two factor, as long as a system is secure, there should in theory be no additional danger created by allowing passkey support and it would be super convenient, possibly even allowing XCITIUM to decrease the amount of time inbetween account timeouts.


hi @itplain

Regret to inform that as of now we do not have the feature ready and available. Request you to share your feedback Customer Requests | Xcitium ( , our development team will look into it and take it for future developments

Thank you.

Hi @itplain, @BeeHiveCyberSecurity,

Thank you for this excellent improvement suggestion. I am happy to inform you that we have included your request in our backlog! It’s not easy to provide an estimated release ETA for now, I will inform you again when we can clarify it.

Best Regards,

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