Branding & White Labeling

I have submitted feedback on several branding and white labeling issues. If everyone would like to keep their brands colors, logos, naming, etc… carried throughout the entire product suite. Please assist by voting in both the ITarian and Xcitum Feedback portals. I have listed them below. Search for brand or white label, for a few off requests already on the books. If you can think of more, please add them and drop a post here so we know to look for them.

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Will all requests be implemented in CIS?

Yes Xcitium is working with CIS too i said that in comodo forums

Its the same Company Xcitium/Comodo they share the same code base and database

hi @New_Style_xd , could you explain more on why would you need whitelabeling on CIS? A usecase would be great.

Thanks in advance.

Hello friend. I was talking about these requests if I would be placed in CIS.