Bug Comodo firewall cis.exe using GPU causes high temperature and high frequence

Hello recently I have updated to windows 10 1903.I realized that out of blue my pc started having a gpu working at full load even if the pc was in idle.This behaviour is persistent till I reboot or in some cases even if I reboot or shut down the pc (like some settings were saved) the odd temperature and frequencies for an idle pc persisted together with the processes that I found involved into it. I simply disabled Comodo and ofline I uninstalled with a deep clean the graphic drivers then installed them again with comodo always off. At this point I launced again the little utility to see if anything was changed among the processes that were using the gpu.
Using the utility gpushark I realized what were the process involved when this happened.
I compared which were the processes using the gpu whenthe pc behaved good and which were the processes involved when the GPU had odd max frequencies and temperatures for a pa in idle. The teperature and frequences were as high as you’d have while running a video game.
I realized that the process was cis.exe as shown in the tool §I mentioned above ( gpushark)
When the gpu had high frequences and temperature in idle another proces that I saw was ShelExperienceHost.exe.
Is it a bug? is there any workaround?

@WTrock ,

We thank you for bringing this concern to our attention. What was our product version installed on the system before and after the 1903 update on your system? We have not yet encountered any reports of similar nature. How many systems were affected?