Chat function for remote control released?

Hi guys. I see the chat function was quietly released and stumbled on it. I can’t see this in the remote control and is enabled. Does it work or are we only have way now and will be fully working on the next release maybe?

Where do you see this chat function?

hi @QuickSilverST

I shall check with the concern team for the chat function in remote control and update you on the feedback.

Thank you!

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Under your profile, check under add function, the same way you added hips, thumbnail preview etc.

Well this is a surprise. Lets see how this works.

Thats the thing, i can’t see it in the remote control nor under remote tools in the webpage.

This one popped up in our tenant as well today. I can enable the function in Profile Configuration, and the button is there on the device summary, but nothing happens after that. /shrug

I found that my communication client needed to be updated to show the chat function on the device details. I attempted to use it but never would load.On another note, thumbnails are working now.

Did anyone ever get this to actually work? Almost all of my devices are now running the current version of the communication client. The button is there but nothing ever happens.

Nope also not working for me

Once assigned and enabled in the profile it works. It shows up in various places in the browser interface.
My issue is how to assign it to tech roles. Currently only I as admin can use it.

Chat is actually working for you? We have yet to get it to work… any pointers?

Same here. We are all admins so if hitechpr got it working for admin that would be great.

I did write to support in search of documentation when I first noticed it and they responded with “We don’t have help guide yet. We have enabled chat functionality for your account and EM Portal …

In Addition to this I don’t want all my tech to be admin. Some of them are in-house support that are employed my client and have specific limited roles for that client. For the security of my other clients I cannot elevate them to admin role.
This would be extremely useful but it it does need to be controlled with a Role permission.

I hope is of help to someone.


All of the settings were already enabled but today it mysteriously works. Interesting…

On another note, I can’t get notifications for a new message to an end-user to work. Maybe that will suddenly start working as well.