Chromebook/Chrome OS

I can’t install on Chrome OS/Chromebook unless I’m in Chrome OS developer mode. Is Chrome OS supported fully? It’s not explicitly listed, but the Android version is.

hi @Joe

could you please share us the details about the version of XCS and XCC which you are trying to install and also the OS version.

Hey @nivedithab

I’m not sure about those versions, but I can see in the security summary the application version is which seems to be the latest release for Androids.

The Chrome OS version is 103.0.5060.132, and in Xcitium it lists the OS as Android 9.

hi @Joe

could you please share the screenshot of the error which you are getting when tried to install.

please do find the help guide to enroll android device with endpoint manager portal

@nivedithab I was only getting the message that I needed to enable Chrome OS developer mode. However, I was able to install the endpoint manager on the ChromeOS device by installing the app through the play store and manually enrolling via the link. All is well now. Thank you.