1. An editable input field to define an Allowed Path in COMODO HIPS Pop-up

Installing any random app, in the pop-up, please show the path requesting the permission in an editable field, so that user can edit the path and add an asterisk to allow free writing inside that path, but that path only.

(That feature would have saved a ton of time if it was there from the begining of times, 2005 or so)

  1. Blocked Files expanded to per-application-basis

Any random online-access-requiring installer / license manager creates a need for an ability in COMODO to setup a path or paths that are the only accessible paths for these applications. Everything else in the machine must be unREADable - as any file/directory in the Blocked Files listing currently is.

To achieve this, please expand the current version of the Blocked Files functionality to as-per-application bases.

It could well be, if you like, shown behind an ‘EXTREME MODE’ switch (or whatever name you prefer), but that way any app could be completely jailed slash controlled directly. An inverse mode check box, eg. “block everything except this” would be a good thing.

This way Comodo HIPS could jail any app to its very own directories without an ability to write AND read outside it (as we know, a lot of apps attempt to read all-over the palace, one of such apps being Spotify’s earlier versions).

This addition would make even Windows 10 a very privacy safe platform. Comodo HIPS and Firewall already make Windows, even the nosey 10 and 11, very privacy secured when correctly configured.

Thanks a lot for your great work! Very grateful for this one-of-a-kind application.

hi @SlashX

Thank you for your suggestion. Request you to share your feedback Customer Requests | Xcitium ( , our development team will look into it and take it for future developments

thank you.