Comodo CIS versus Xcitium Endpoint

As I wrote in a previous post, the patience of the free and paid users of Comodo CIS is being tested severely and is reaching its limits (2 years without an update).

Confidence in Comodo is seriously shaken. So, to restore this confidence it is imperative that you announce a provisional date for the release of the Comodo CIS in a 12.13.x version like xcitium endpoint CCS-XCS.

“Thank you for your understanding and patience.” is no longer an acceptable answer.

Both @ilgaz and @nivedithab said that CIS for home and XCS are the same product, thus we can conclude they share the same codebase.

What is the difficult in bringing forth a new CIS Release if this is the case?

Yes we are understanding and having patience but, everything has its limits, so please return to us with less promises and more action.


I really understand the concern and inconveniences which the users are facing and regret the delay for not able to provide better solution at the earliest. I am working closely with product team to get feedback on this , Request your kind understanding on the same. Myself or @ilgaz shall reach out as soon as we have sorted this out.

Thank you

It has been 2 weeks since your last post. Still no concrete answer and no announcement of an ETA for the new release of Comodo CIS.

@ilgaz @melih
Apparently, Xcitium does not know what to do with Comodo CIS.
Since Comodo CIS and Xcitium CS are the same, the Comodo CIS users do not understand why there has been no new version for 2 years and fear that Xcitium no longer wants to provide Comodo CIS for home users.

Comodo users can no longer be satisfied with “soon” (Comodo forum) or “CIS is still being improved and getting the full benefits from the enhancements from Xcitium Client Security.” (Xcitium forum).

The situation needs to be clarified. The situation is binary and a clear answer must be given.
If it is indeed the case, that Xcitium no longer wishes to provide Comodo CIS for home users, then you should now have the honesty to stop giving Comodo CIS users hope that there will be a new release of Comodo CIS and officially announce that Comodo CIS has been abandoned.
If it is not the case, then an ETA must be provided in order to close the topic.

In both cases, the answer will have to be clear, in the hope that the second option will be the one chosen.


Thank you for your positive response on the Comodo forum.

It was the answer that Comodo CIS users were hoping for.

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Not sure what you are trying to accomplish by simply repeating what other users have posted. This is not how a Forum of discussion works sorry.

Maybe @creastysomp is a Bot or Spam account?

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