Comodo CIS versus Xcitium Endpoint


Will Comodo CIS benefit from the experience and knowledge of Xcitium Endpoint?

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Both Comodo CIS and Xcitium Endpoint client are the same products , only the name is different

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I did not have this information that the products were the same.
Xcitium Endpoint is updated regularly.
In this case, why there is none new release of Comodo CIS, it should be relatively easy?

Let me check with dev team and get back to you on this

hi @nivedithab
did you get any feedback from the development team?

Hi @domo78 , CIS (Comodo Internet Security) is the consumer product that has all the capabilities of Xcitium Client Security, except one main difference. It can not be centrally managed. You can fully manage your endpoints with Xcitium Client Security under Xcitium Platform.

Hi @ilgazy
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I am not a corporate user but a private user. I have been using CIS for several years.
The Xcitium Client Security under Xcitium Platform solution seems to me to be intended for a corporate user, not a private user.
Your answer suggests that CIS will no longer evolve (the software has not been updated for 2 years) and that it is therefore being discontinued and will disappear.

no that is not what I meant. CIS is still being improved and getting the full benefits from the enhancements from Xcitium Client Security.

Let’s hope that this is true and that a new version of CIS will be available very soon (as mentioned above CIS has not been updated for 2 years).
It would be nice if xcitium/Comodo could communicate on this point

Sorry but this does not seem to be true at all. We are not seeing these enhancements from Xcitium Client Security applied into CIS for home, because CIS for home has not received a new release for more than 2 years.

Users are asking on CIS Forums about when a new release will come out and the sole member of Comodo Staff who replies there does not know the answer to this question and only promises that CIS will receive a update ‘soon’. The Volunteer Mods on the mentioned Forums are forbiding users from questioning anything about the future of CIS and locking important topics.

This situation is not a professional way of handling your customers, no offense intended. CIS for home also has a paid version/subscription based and those who paid for CIS deserve to know clear answers regarding its development. Instead we only get vague replies here or are being silenced on the other mentioned Forum.

Hi @nivedithab
I would like to reinforce domo78’s question and to know the result of your query with the developers. Please share it with us as soon as it is available. Thank you.

Hi @ilgazy, @nivedithab
If you don’t know what to answer, maybe you can ask Melih to help you out?

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Apologies for the inconveniences caused.

Our team is working on it closely. They will get back to you with best solution for the same.

Thank you for your understanding and patience.

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Thank you for your reply.
You will understand that the patience of free/paying users of Comodo CIS is being tested severely and is starting to reach its limits (2 years without an update) while a list of about 40 bugs is open:

As you can see, if Comodo CIS and xcitium Endpoint are the same/very similar, the contribution of Comodo CIS users to the reliability of the product is significant.
It would be correct, with respect to Comodo CIS users, if an ETA were provided.

@domo78 , I understand your concern, I am also trying get this sorted out quickly. The product team @ilgazy is working on it and he will providing us the solution on the same.

There is Internet Security Premium and Internet Security Pro, premium is the free version and has no update for about 2 yrs, the pro(paid) had an update about 3 months ago and has a higher version number. Also, XCS has a couple features that home version does not have and does protect better. I have tested multiple times Premium and Pro against business XCS and the results are better with XCS.

Problem is these so called “updates” on the Pro/paid version are not Officially announced by Comodo in the CIS Forums, there is no changelog posted anywhere, and some people believe they are just repackaging CIS Pro without actually modifying nor updating anything in it, just to call it “Internet Security Pro 2022” or “Internet Security Pro 2023”.

Again not a professional way in handling customers who paid for this product and even the Free users who use it through the years providing valuable feedback and Beta Testing or Bug Reporting. Speaking of Beta Testing they even turned off CIS Beta Testing Servers long time ago, which looks like a really bad sign concerning the future of the product.

@nivedithab I am going to wait for the reply from the developers based on your statement and hopefully they will prove us a clear answer on why all of this is happening and what is the real truth to be expected regarding the future of CIS. Thanks.

hi @safemode

I understand the concern and apologize for the inconvenience caused.

Ilgazy from the Product team is working on it with the team and he will get back once received feedback for the same

Ya i agree, the home version is being neglected, there were a couple instances where i installed XCS for customers home machines, but the home version would have been good enough but the limit in product support i loaded the XCS. All other big vendors released the new version, more modern look etc and not Comodo as of yet, they are behind on this. Same goes for the XCS, we have this lycey or arcadia theme, can’t remember which one it is now for ages, no new designs nothing. XCS is starting to look dated.


The 8032 version of Comodo CIS is the same as the 8012. It’s just a change of number.

I don’t mind the look of CIS; it allows me to easily access its features.

CIS is a security software, and the most important thing is not how it looks, but the reliability of the endpoint protection it provides and thus the rapid correction of bugs.

Thank you for your understanding and patience.