COMODO/ITARIAN/XCITIUM platforms&migration

I’m a Comodo customer (AEP for 380 clients) and I’m in big troubles.
Until sept23 I had the Xcitium Platform logo on my portal

From Itarian forum:
sept 23 I had the Xcitium Platform logo, and the platfrom with RMM services was OK.

Robin answered…u=stefanoradam
and then…u=stefanoradam
"If your logo in the top left is Comodo or Xcitium then your classed as an Xcitium customer and ITarian changes will not effect you”

On october 10 my portal was “migrated”…u=stefanoradam
Today the portal seems migrated independently to ItarianMSP,….”

And the awswer:…u=stefanoradam
"We are in the process of migration of all AMS IT Support Ltd customers back to their original portals.
Once this is done you should be back to your original layout and services as normal.”

today the portal is still ItarianMSP, and have problems.
My question is easy:
Am I a Xcitium customer?
May I have my Comodo/Xcitium portal back?

and sorry for my basic english.

after days
I’m finally back!
problems gone, Xcitium platform up&running.
Thank you!