Config Request for Intel TDT Settings

Wanted to touch base on the topic of “I see Intel TDT on the client, but I don’t see Intel TDT in AntiVirus profile settings, the same place it shows up in the client. I also don’t see it under Misc.”

Am I missing something? Are you missing something? Pls advise.

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hi @BeeHiveCyberSecurity

Could you please explain more about your query with screenshots and screen recordings with example for reference to assist you

Hi niv,

Within XCS and on supported hardware, “Intel TDT” appears under “AntiVirus”


However, under EM/Enterprise platform, thru Configuration Templates, I cannot locate, under “AntiVirus” section or elsewhere, an area/option-set to configure Intel TDT integration/functionality, so it is currently unclear by default what the action taken is when a threat is detected by TDT, and equally what options are available for handling detection events.

I’m looking for clarification on if I’m just simply failing to locate it buried within some specific section of settings, or whether this functionality/configurability is currently missing from EM/Enterprise and equally probably a good idea to add.

Pls advise.

hi @BeeHiveCyberSecurity

thank you for sharing the details , I have forwarded it to the backend team to check for feasibility and I will get back to you once received feedback.

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Hi @BeeHiveCyberSecurity

Could you please let us know the version of XCS which is installed on the device.

hi @BeeHiveCyberSecurity

Please find the feedback received from our dev team on your query given below.

Feature is available starting from XCS 13.1 where the feature is supported by CPU.

This is additional detection feature as realtime scanner or virusscope. The only difference it does not quarantine files. Once detection happens the process is terminated. You can add exclusions on the same page. This is first release of the feature. It is not managed from the portal yet.