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We would like to know how can we customize the portal with our logo and support numbers. Currently the logo, hyperlinks and texts on the portal cannot be customized and our own customers does not need to know the support numbers of Xcitium as they cannot contact directly. We are the point of contact for our customers and we know how to contact Xcitium.

I have been asking for a long time how can we customize it but it’s added to feature list with no update.

hi @myr

Please find the below guide which will help you to change the logo and support number required.

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I was talking about the platform portal customization. The link that you have shared is for the CC agent. You can refer this ticket Ticket#4978522

I will follow up with the team on the ticket and share you feedback on the status.

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hi @myr

could you please check the below guide and let me know if it helps you

Account Management

That only changes the logo in the Xcitium Platform portal. It does not do anything in the Endpoint Manager portal, and the emails that go from the portal to the users. They all carry your logo and support numbers which is not necessary to be sent. Either allow cutomization or remove all such logos, links, support numbers from the email .

The email template is already configuration to some extent but we have no control on what gets added on top of that which incudes logs, links and support numbers. This is causing confusion with our own customers as they dont contact you directly. They need to contact us and we contact your support if needed.

hi @myr , you can change the template for Endpoint Manager notification emails from Settings → Email Templates → Email notification template.
You can add your support information inside the template.

It would be great if you could share which exact information you want to put in a notification email.

Hi @ilgaz ,
We can add our numbers but we cannot remove the logo and numbers that is placed on top of that. That section that you have mentioned is only to edit the text that is contained in the email. We want to also remove the logo and support numbers that is placed there. Please refer to the attached image. The ticket number for this request is 4999321.

Hi @myr
Now we got your point, thank you for your detailed explanation and feedback. We will analyze it and map into our roadmap. We will inform you soon.

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