Desktop app issues

The desktop app reverses any settings edit that I make.

For example, I added an entry in Protected Objects under Containment. It saved successfully but minutes later the entry disappeared.

Another one is that I disabled HIPS permanently (can be any of the options) but it would re-enable by itself minutes later.

Am I missing somethign? Could someone please help?

Thanks so much.

Hello @j007w ,

Xcitium is providing protection against local changes that are done directly on the endpoint.
You can find this setting under Profiles → {choose appropriate profile} → Client Access Control → check “Enable local user to override profile configuration” option at the bottom.

By enabling this option, any changes done locally will not be overridden by the platform settings.

Best regards,

Thanks so much!! I’ll follow these steps right away.

You are most welcome. I would love to get your feedback on your experience!!