Devices showing ofline after sometime

Is any one facing issue that after some time devices shows oflline in the xciitium portal,
We have installed comodo at that time its shows online nut after 1 week or a month ago when we are downloading the reports some of the devices shows ofline. What could be the reaosns ?
We have seen in enduser comodo was there but its not reflecting on the tool

hi @Alok_chaturvedi

If it is server OS, sometimes, ITSMService cannot start within default timeout 30 sec and SCM terminates it. Delayed start resolves the problem.

In order to further investigate the reported issue our technical team need logs,

Request you to please download and run the following report tool on the affected device:

The tool collects both XCC & XCS logs and attempts to upload them to our SFTP (The device name is included in the name of the output).

Once the upload has been completed, please provide us with the local name of the device in order to identify the output on our side.

Thank you