Discord will not update

Good day,

Yesterday I denied a request by Discord regarding making a change whether it was an update to registry or otherwise, I promptly denied the change as it looked unnecessary. Now, up a new day, Discord simply tries to update and fails in a loop.

I’ve attempted reinstalling Discord several times, as well as, removing any denials within Comodo associated with Discord to no avail.
Running reinstall as admin, disabling Comodo completely and trying to update Discord upon reinstall.

I have Avast working beside Comodo, which I’ve been using for several years with no issues. I have not tried disabling Avast as it is tricky to do and don’t believe Avast is the culprit here.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. I have not reinstalled Comodo upon fear of losing all learned associations, however, using this as a last resort.

Thank you for any feedback.

I was able to find the fix for this by going into Comodo Settings>HIPS Rules>Double-clicking on Discord and setting the entire directory to Allow. This finally worked. Hope this helps somebody seven years from now.

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