Display company announcements in company workstation

Hi there,

can provide me a script to display company announcements in our company workstation screensaver?


hi @doreen
I will request the concern team to reach out to you.

Thank you

Hi @doreen ,

Thanks for your script request. We have asked our script developer to check and provide feedback.

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Hi @doreen ,

Our script developer has prepared a script to display company announcements in workstation. please run this script as “Logged in User”.

Please make sure to give title for the pop up message in the title variable and give announcement or message for the pop up message in the message variable.

Note: Microsoft has restricted to show only 20 characters in the 3D text screensaver and its not possible to increase the character length. so we have made a script for pop up message to display in desktop wallpaper.

We can prepare a script to show a message under 20 characters in screensaver if you want.

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I suggest using a simple script that fetches the latest announcements and displays them on the screensaver. You might consider scripting languages like Python or PowerShell depending on your workstation setup. If you need further assistance, feel free to ask!