Endpoing manager using 14+gb

Why and what can I do to reduce the size of the endpoint manager folders.
c:\programdata\endpoint manager contains over 14gb of data.

We are using virtual desktops and they are not much larger then 100gb so its a problem when AV is taking up that much space.

hi @SmartCloud

I will check with the possibility and get back to you with solution.

thank you

Any updates to this?

hi @SmartCloud

Request you to drop an email all the details to " support@xcitium.com " which will automatically create ticket. Internal discussions about your issue have already begun and opening a ticket provides us with a communication path between you and support. The follow up process is also will be crystal clear as all you would require is to reply back to the same reply email with your queries and doubts which you receive back.

Please make sure to include your contact information , all screenshots and other details related to issue when you drop the email.

Thank you!

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1.5ghz at high utilization? Check your power settings if they are limiting CPU. Also, companies like Dell are notorious for not handling power limits correctly, might be hardware limited.

Not sure what you are talking about in your answer.
My issue is the size of the folders not the cpu utilization.
This is on virtual windows units.