Endpoint Manager Client Proxy

In my endpoint management, I enabled Client Proxy, and I also configured the Proxy Server.
I need to verify that the Communication client is going out through the proxy.
I referred to the content of the previous discussion forum,

and this Script

But I enabled Client Proxy, to Windwos Registry HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Comodo\ITSM\Communication\Service
IsUseProxy is 0
ProxyHost and ProxyPort are blank
But when I enable the Communication client option, Proxy information is enabled.
Is there any other way I can verify that the Communication client is going out through the proxy?

Hi @arnold , you can check whether if clients are using proxy from the proxy setting on Xcitium Communication Client Options UI.

If proxy settings are enabled, it means the agents are communicating behind the configured proxy server.

Another option is to check access logs on the proxy server.


As I explained before, Proxy information is enabled

Have you tried using the cmd command netstate on the proxy server?

Of course there is confirmation, but the person in charge of the server cannot help me check it at any time.
But I at least want to make sure that the endpoint is normal and has these settings applied and is functioning normally.

I found the problem, the Registry address is wrong.
The original
Registry address specified in script
should be revised to

This program can be fully presented, thanks everyone.