Expedited Refund?

Is there anyway to expedite a refund? I bought a product which was claimed a 30 day trial, but charged at the start. It also charged the monthly fee but charged a yearly fee. I am overdrafted in my bank account and need a refund ASAP. I can’t wait days for someone to process my support ticket, I need to be able to buy food and gas! There is no way to enact a refund myself… Can a staff member please help get this through faster? I can’t contact anyone by phone to make this happen. Thanks!!!

Here is my order number 40459172-I2
Support Ticket Number: [#YNF-188-72931]

Hi @youngspliff,

We have checked your support ticket and your request for a refund was processed. Please allow up to 2-7 business days to see the refund on your credit card.

Please let us know if you need any help.

Kind Regards,