Finally making the switch...but need 1 more thing

We have been a Kaspersky shop for the last 3 years, but are exploring other options.
Dragon Enterprise seems to fit our bill nicely, but I just need a little guidance on web filtering.
We want to block all web traffic, and then whitelist specific sites that allowed.
Please let me know the correct way if this is not it.
I made a profile for end user workstations, then go into the profile firewall settings and blocked all IP traffic which seemed to block all websites.
However I am not sure the correct route to take to whitelist sites.

Anyone with experience please let me know so we can get going with a roll out!

Something else… On a test workstation that we set up, we can change web filtering on there, and that interface is confusing.
But does that apply to all other protected workstations or just the single one we configure it on?

Hi @BarnesM,

Thanks for showing interest in our Dragon Enterprise. For your question, when you configure web filtering on an endpoint, it will only apply to that particular endpoint.
We strongly suggest you try “Comodo Secure Internet Gateway” where we can block all web traffic and only allow the whitelisted websites, please check the attachment and help guide link for more reference.

If you need further help, please let us know

Kind Regards,

Secure Internet Gateway.png

You cannot blacklist / whitelist from the admin console if you are using Dragon Enterprise?
You have to use the Comodo Secure Internet Gateway feature?

Hello @BarnesM ,

Currently Secure Internet Gateway is accessible from Classic view (Dragon Platform). If you use Dragon Enterprise, you can easily switch to classic view by clicking on bottom banner

Best regards,