Hardware report per customer

Hi, Is it possible to generate a report for each customer on their hardware?
i.e. ram type and speed, cpu type, disk type i.e. ssd or hdd?

Hi @monster-it,

We have requested the backend team to enable Beta Reports for your account, can you please check and provide your feedback.

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Hello @monster-it ,

You can generate Hardware Inventory Report from Endpoint Manager → Reports → Reports Beta → Hardware Inventory Report.

If you do not see Reports Beta button under reporting section, please inform us and we will enable it on your account. We would like to get your opinion.

Regarding hardware details, are there any other specific information that you seek in the report?

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I have access to the beta report, but looking for more detailed hardware information.

for example, the type of hard drive (manufacturer, model), memory type (number of sticks installed), version, and revision of windows.
Also, there is a lot of wasted space on the page is there a way to consolidate all data on a single page

I completly agree. How are we supposed to keep an eye on aging hardware without knowing these details.