Hotfix for Comodo Dragon Platform and Comodo Communication Client (May 18, 2022)

Hello everyone,

We want to inform you that we have a hotfix release over Comodo Dragon platform and Comodo Communication Client on the 18th of May at 04:00 AM EST (08:00 AM GMT). The release is expected to take 1 hour to deploy, during that time, we don’t expect any outage. If you observe any issues, please feel free to share with us.

Here is the item list that is included in the hotfix:

Device Management & Licensing

New Features

  • Export Functionality for Vulnerability Management
    Export ability will be added for the Vulnerability List and Vulnerable Devices pages to export vulnerability reports as .csv.


  • Bulk Export/Import Functionality for Procedures
    Multiple procedures under the Configuration Templates section will be imported and exported.
  • Showing Last Logged-in User at the Device List Table of Logged in User Column
    From now on, the last logged-in user will be shown on the device list table of the last logged in user column instead of the current logged-in user. The currently logged-in user will be shown as green-colored, also the last logged-in user will be shown as gray-colored.
  • Adding Newly Enrolled Endpoints to Default Group if the Associated Device Group is Deleted
    With this improvement, if the device is enrolled after the associated device group is deleted, the device will be added under the selected Customer -> Default Group. If the customer is also deleted, devices will be added under the Default Customer -> Default Group.
  • Improving Navigation with Breadcrumbs
    Breadcrumbs will be extended for easier navigation.

Comodo Communication Client


  • The incorrect service paths for services of Comodo Communication Client 7.0.42010.22030 has been fixed.
  • Fixed the issue of ITSM agent fails to update and it causes broken Comodo Communication Client instance.

You can feel free to share your feedback and comments through this post.

We will share any updates regarding the hotfix release through here.

Best Regards,
Product Management Team