Hotfix Release Notes of Xcitium Enterprise (May 09, 2024)

Hello Everyone,

We would like to inform you about a scheduled hotfix release on the Xcitium Enterprise, which will take place on the 09th of May. The deployment is expected to last approximately 1 hours. During this period, we do not anticipate any disruptions to the portal. And if you observe any issues after release, please feel free to share them with us.​

The release schedule was implemented as follows:

  • For the US and the EU regions, on Thursday, 2024-05-09T07:00:00Z

Please check the release notes that are marked by the new release!

Xcitium Enterprise April Hotfix Release (May 09, 2024)

Xcitium Enterprise


  • Fixed the icon position error on the password reset screen when loading the page.
  • Fixed the issue with the positioning of the BETA text on the Dashboard Settings screen.
  • Fixed the issue where the loading icon appeared half-finished on the waiting page after sign-up was completed.



  • Xcitium Enterprise: 4.25.1
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