How do I open Advanced view?Like a personal version

The advanced view can more intuitively view the software status, may I ask whether this option can be re-added to the software in the next version?

Hi @leung2

Could you please share reference screenshots to the option you are requesting for. We will check for feasibility for the same.

I also agree that the Advanced View GUI is essential. Although not apparent, it still is there, but just not on the default Theme. To get it back, go into settings and chose Lycia Theme in User Interface. Then reboot.

That’s all (Thank God!).

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could you please let us know if you are using CIS 2024 or CCS

I’m using XCS, but there’s no high-level view and I’m bothered that CIS has a high-level view


I have forwarded the details and will check the details with the concern team and get back to you.

hi @leung2 , could you please share your use case on the need for Advanced view?

Xcitium Client Security is designed for central management - not local. I want to understand why you want to see so many details locally when you can already see everything under Xcitium Platform?

@ilgaz Yes, but this however aren’t completely true. There are a lot of settings you can set on endpoint but not central, this seriously needs to be rectified. So far Xcitium is the only business av I tested where you can’t set every setting from he cloud as there are settings you can change local that you can’t from he dashboard.

Advanced view can be more intuitive to see what is happening on the platform computer, centralized management is to see all computer things, but not all operations can be completed on the console, this is not the same, and, advanced view does not affect the use of the program, you can hide it, but to provide an option to restore advanced view in the Settings, I noticed,When opening the application, you can see the advanced view button for 0.1 seconds, but you deliberately hid it

@ilgaz I’ll be the third to chime in here.

  • Pls add “Default View Customization” to Enterprise XCS in some form. If being as simple as letting users swap between advanced and basic views, so be it, or let us customize it per-endpoint/profile/client.

Even though most of XCS is RMM/cloud, it’s still a feeling of power and enablement to HAVE the feature, and in a more technologically intricate field, that advanced view might actually mean more to someone at this service tier than at the consumer level; does Bob, 49, from Missouri, actually care to know on a regular basis how much traffic his firewall’s blocked?

HOWEVER; these requests are being made with the CURRENT UI in mind.

Will XCS be getting the new CIS interface? If so, I have a feeling this being missing may be more forgiving.