How to enroll Linux without GUI


I am trying to enroll a Ubuntu Linux server without GUI, and all the documentation surrounds enrolling a device from the GUI.

Please help when there is time.

Thank you!

Hi @snelson

Download installer and put it somewhere on the PC and run the below commands in terminal to install without GUI.

$ chmod +x {$installation file$}
$ sudo ./{$installation file$}

This is with the GUI. I am running an Ubuntu Server headless (meaning without GUI). For more context, I attempted with wget and curl and neither worked.

Could you please share us the error screenshot and also let us know if the same method is working with other PC

Unfortunately there is no error.

Using wget would usually get the HTML of the page, however, there is no HTML when using the https://kutt sign up website.

Curl is about the same.

If you could provide me with some information about enrolling a device via the command line on a headless Ubuntu server, that would be great!

@snelson , could you try again by using full link

Same results with full link.

Could you share us a screen recording of the full process.

Use the link from Enrollment instruction.

Request you to not forget to rename the file into original name. (download it on another PC to check the name)

Anyway wget should return something. So please provide the output.

Also make sure the time is correct on the PC. If not it may cause cert verification issue.

I will just download it to another computer and then upload it via a python script. Thank you anyway. This can be closed.

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