I can't use the APIs

Hi everyone,

Under the RMM on the Xcitium platform, I want to access the group and devices in the group in the tree on the left with PHP via API.

I actually need the total number of devices based on the group, but the main problem is that I can’t access the API.

On my platform screen, I created an API token by clicking on my user on the left and going to settings (not sure if I did something right).

I looked through the API documentation but I couldn’t figure it out.
With API authentication and API token, how can I access the part I mentioned above with php code from outside.
I was not successful via Postman either.

hi @mgsuzen

Request you to drop an email to our support id - support@xcitium.com with all the details along with screenshots of the results when the API is tested . Our team will investigate the same and reach back to you.

Thank you