Licensing Confusion

When I try to enroll a new device in the portal, I click on the download button and it just sends me to a blank page. I don’t know if this has anything to do with it but I have two licenses that are expired. When I click to renew them, it forces me to buy some xcitium premium license for like 40 dollars a seat! No way that’s happening when I’ve been paying much less. Also, my licensing portal makes no sense. It shows that I have 6 xcitium client security, 26 itarian device and 15 advanced endpoint premium. What is all of this??? All I want is antivirus, RMM and remote control. What license will give me that and how do I even buy it since the only option I get in the portal is this xcitium premium crap for 40 bucks a seat.

I’m also confused how my platform has changed to xcitium. I was on itarian.

Hello @itdweeb ,

Thank you very much for contacting us.

We currently see that you have 1 valid Advanced Endpoint Protection license for 15 seats, and you have deployed 17 endpoints having Xcitium Client - Security installed, where 2 additional endpoints are counted as over usage, and will be billed accordingly at the end of your billing period. You can see the details from
License Management → Bill Forecast page.

I’ve informed our sales team to contact you as soon as possible to discuss further on licensing.

Regarding device enrollment, could you give more details about the issue that you are facing? Is it regular enrollment (via Device List → Enroll) or are you having issue with downloading Bulk Installation Package?

Best regards,