Locked out due to billing error

Reaching out here to hopefully get some help. I have been locked out of my account for 4 days and support has been no help - all I get from tis is this has been escalated but I am still locked out. I prepaid for my X"# of endpoints and I am using less than that number. This expires in April 2025. I have not added any new services.
I received a bill last month and reached out to ask what it was for and never heard back so I forgot about it. I am now locked out for the last 4 days with no help at all from support. I finally got through on the phone and talked with and they assured me someone some would call be back within the hour - I have not heard anything from them and it has been over 24 hours.
Anybody know where I can turn to get some help?

hi @Parasail

Apologies for the inconvenience, could you please drop an email to our billing team ar@xcitium.com along with portal frozen screenshot and also request you to check if you have any pending invoice which needs to be paid from your side.

The billing team will look into the details of your portal and do the needful.

thank you.

If you can reference my support tickets #'s
You will see that all of this information has been sent to AR@excitium.com and many other support emails.
The only response form AR was to send me a bill with no other explanation. I responded to it asked why I was being billed and attached a copy of my paid invoice that does not expire until April 2025.
I have received no response to that email or support ticket.

hi @Parasail

I have already forwarded your query through the team to the respective Customer Success Manager. I will remind the manager to reach out to you asap.

And I have still not had any response from anybody about this.


Seriously, you need to get your people to work.
The guy is locked out for 4 days already.
Time to step it up as a CEO and take care of your clients so they dont leave like us.
I had the same lack of response to my billing questions. Still dont have an answer but dont need one anymore.

hi @Parasail

I understand your concern , I have informed directly to your respective customer service manager to reach out to you to address your concerns on the bills and the portal frozen issue .

I will inform them once again.

Apologies for the inconvenience caused.

Thanks for the support - Still locked out and nothing from support!
Going to have to try and figure out how to dispute my credit card charge for the remaining 9 months of contract.

I have still heard nothing from support or AR or my account manager on this and I am still locked locked out of account.

So everyone can see I am not just trying to cause problems.

hi @Parasail

Regret the inconvenience, I am following up with the concern Account manager from my side as well to get them resolve your issue ,
thank you for your understanding and patience.