Mass Device Move between Groups

I’m trying to move devices from the MSP child company Default group to other groups I created to separate servers, workstations, laptops, etc. I cannot move multiple devices at once. Instead, I have to go one by one to the group, add to the group and then it will move.

There has to be another way to do this. Before anyone asks, I used the legacy site, and it’s the same thing.

I’d also appreciate not receiving a canned response to the effect of taking screenshots or videos. This is pretty clear in terms of the ask.

Finally, I checked the guides, and the forum, and nothing in search would locate a similar request. When I created this topic, the suggestions provided nothing either.

hi @cconlon_iEV , could you please share how would you want it to be?


I’m not your developer.

When I am on the Default group, or any group, at all, I would like to select all of the devices, or devices showing based on a filter I can use, and then click a button that says “Move to Group” or something. Then I can pick the group I want to send them to.

This is pretty basic functionality in just about every EDR, AV, or device management program on the planet.

@cconlon_iEV The functionality is there, though it is pretty clunky. I’d also like to see a more streamlined way of moving multiple devices.

Right above the button toolbar you should see “Group Management” and “Device Management” tabs. As of now, the process is to go to the new group, switch to the Group Management tab, select the intended PCs (out of a list of EVERY endpoint enrolled), and then click ‘Add to group’. It does filter out devices already in that group, which helps a little.

Then you have to go to their old group, go to Group Management, select those devices and then ‘Remove from Group’.

Deep exhale whew, that was a mouthful.

Apologies if I was misunderstood. I wanted to get your opinion so that we can deliver exactly what you want.
Here is how you can add multiple devices to a group

Hi Ilgaz,
I can’t add any device to a group other than default on our portal where it landed in the first place. I have five groups and when I start typing a group name other than default nothing happens. It seems that it is a different problem every day. I will start a ticket I guess.

when you create a new device group, you should be seeing “Add Devices to Group” button on top-right corner under Group Management tab

Something like this is what OP is asking.
[ITA-576] Add “Move Devices” Option | Voters | ITarian

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hi @myr , thank you very much. Yes we do have such task on our roadmap. I wanted to get further information so that we don’t miss any use case, and deliver you the most usable solution.


Hi ilgaz,
I wanted to follow up with my whining about not being able to add a new machine to a specific group after loading the communication client on the machine.
It was my issue as it usually is. The way our portal with Xcitium\Comodo is setup, the communication client puts the new machine into a group under our company name and email. Therefore that machine has us as the owner. The owner groups for our individual clients are separate. So because of that I needed to change owner of the machine to the client that it belongs to first, then I could add it to the desired group. The product was working as it was designed, and I was not. I was shown this months ago, and seemed to forget that part.
Sorry about the whining.

thank you very much for the information. Nonetheless, we are aware that “moving” devices between groups is missing and will bring that capability as soon as possible!

The only solution to this is to create multiple installers. When you create multiple installers you can define the customer name and then it will go to the “Default Group” of that customer. I know this is a problem and that is why I had raised another change request where we should be able to control the movement of the devices programmatically using API’s or via the platform. So that we dont have to create multiple installers. The ideal way would be to create a single installer and let that go to the default group and then once its enrolled we should be able to move that manually or automatically.

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