Need Help:Can anyone help this netizen?

Looking at God’s share, please help this netizenr.
He needs to confirm the “Every Version of CIS 2024 Beta From to is Free of Bugs that Can CAUSE Accidental Uploads of Private Files” to sleep with peace of mind.
He’s been asking for days and no one from the COMODO team has come to answer his questions.

@nivedithab is responsible for that he will report it to the team and they will answer on it as soon as possible

@nivedithab Hello, you can reply to me here.My comodo forum account has been blocked.They think I “No constructive purpose to their actions other than creating dissent within the community”.Perhaps it was my mistake to repeatedly post in order to get the official response.I promise not to do so.

hi @LindaHerbert5735

I will check with the concern team to get back to you.

thank you

Hi all,

Neither Xcitium Client Security, nor Comodo Internet Security (including Beta versions) do not send any non-PE files including personal information (word, pdf, txt etc) unless you “manually” send.

Please refer to this post:


hi @nivedithab
Dear Comodo developer, can I get your contact email? I have some questions to ask you for help.

you can send any email to for any questions, and we will be more than happy to help.