Need help: False categorization of domains

Dear support,

Please review (www.) and (www.) (just a redirect) for removal from your blacklist.

These websites are dedicated to the Schülerliga, an initiative focused on school sports, specifically designed to engage students in athletic activities and competitions. The primary content and objective of these sites are to promote sports among school-aged children, provide information on upcoming events, results, and news related to school sports activities.

It is very important that the category is correctly set to “Sports” instead of the false categorization of “Finance and Investment”.

Thank you!

hi @lhup

I have forwarded the details with the concern team to look into it.

That’s perfect, thank you!

Hi @lhup

The necessary changes has been made from our end

Sorry for interrupting you …

Unfortunately www.sparkasse-schuelerliga is incorrectly categorized by xcitium again as you can see in the screenshot below.

Please set the categorization to “Sports”.

Thank you!

Hi @lhup

Let me check with the concern team and get back to you

hi @lhup

The website category has been fixed from our end , please do check once from your side

Perfect, thank you very much! Hopefully the category will stay like this :slight_smile:

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