New Detection -

New C2/Account Exfil domain:

This is tied to exploitation of CVE-2023-3519 regarding Citrix VPN.
Currently 406 known instances of exploitation

This is currently only 1 detection on VT. XCITIUM gets to be #2, and #2nd vendor to us.

Please block this ASAP.

hi @BeeHiveCyberSecurity
I wil forward the details with the team and get this resolved

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Thank you! Pls update when blocklisted.

Also, dev question, when can we expect updates to bring a bit more transparency and operational control into URL Blocklisting/ Verdict Cloud’s handling of websites?

the domain has been blocked as malicious content



For your awareness, VirusTotal has not updated with your detection yet.

yes , the team has informed that they will add the domain to the malicious content. it will be updated as soon as its added

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