New Detection -

We detected malicious outbound traffic to on 9/25 that resembled an active malvertising campaign. Pls add this URL to the Verdict Cloud blocklist, only 4 other vendors are alarming this according to VT.

hi @BeeHiveCyberSecurity

I have shared the details to the Verdict team to look into the same.

Thank you

Update: More URL Blocks potentially needed.

We believe this domain is connected to NJRAT/Bladabindi. There are an assortment of potentially connected domains on VirusTotal Graph, please have the Verdict team review these domains and classify them as required. Verdict Cloud currently flags some, not all.

Hi @BeeHiveCyberSecurity

I will request the team to look into it .

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HI @BeeHiveCyberSecurity

our team is requesting to share more domains with us, so that we can review them faster and reflect them on the verdict side.

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you can share us as URLs or IP addresses with which we can look into it

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