Open EDR Prevents Adobe Add Image to PDF And PC login Hangups

So during testing We rolled out OpenEDR as we saw no major issues at first. However Down the road we had an issue with Adobe Adding Images to a PDF file. We tested this on a few different computers and it was indeed an issue across all of them. So we removed OpenEDR and the issue went away.

We Also had a issue with a few machines where when logging into windows They would hang for several minutes. Some of them would never login. We found that the ones that could still login had lots of temp Files which removing Helped speed up the login some. But by removing OpenEDR also Speed up the login times to a few seconds.

Windows 11 22H2 on all the PC’s
Lenovo Laptops ranging from 8GB to 32GB
with AMD ryzen 4000 processors.

EDR Version

hi @andrew.wheeler

Regret the inconveniences you are facing.

Our technical team requires logs to investigate further about the issue.
Request you to download and run the CisReportTool in order to collect the XCC and the XCS logs:

The tool collects both XCC & XCS logs and attempts to upload them to our SFTP (Device name is included in the name of the output).

Once the log is captured request you to drop an email all the details to " " which will automatically create ticket. Internal discussions about your issue have already begun and opening a ticket provides us with a communication path between you and support. The follow up process is also will be crystal clear as all you would require is to reply back to the same reply email with your queries and doubts which you receive back.

Please make sure to include your contact information , all error screenshots and other details related to issue when you drop the email.
I will as well follow up with the respective team to get the issue resolved once the ticket is created.

Thank you!