OpenEDR vs Itarian

Hi all,
I am a paying users for Itarian with over 250 end point, and all have Xcitium Client - Security, installed, Now i am seeing the OpenERD but when i login to the link it seems to show the same functions with new communication agent. can someone explain the difference, and when should i be using the same login to itarian or the new OpenEDR

We just introduced the Xcitium MSSP platform inside Itarian platform

OpenEDR is part of this Xcitium MSSP platform.

With Xcitium MSSP platform you can selling MDR to your customers.
These kind of MDR services are charged around $20-$40 per month per endpoint to end customers.
You can buy these from as little as $4 a month and sell for $30 per month (average going range) …and keep the remaining 85% as profit!
Not only can you increase your revenue from existing customer base, but you can also this Xcitium MSSP platform to attract new customers.