Please Help, My Website is Miscategorized


I’m hoping someone can help, my website is labeled as ‘pornography’ in a Virus Total scan. We are in no way related to that category and it is causing us issues with government agencies we do business with. DOD firewalls are blocking our website. Can I please find out what is causing this classification so that I can remove it from my website and could you please recategorize the URL?


Virus Total screenshot

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

hi @targetsunlimited

could you please let us know the category you would like the website to be listed under

Hi @nivedithab Thank you for the quick response. Please categorize it as ‘Sporting Goods’ if possible.


hi @targetsunlimited

I have forwarded the details to the concern team to look into it.

hi @targetsunlimited

The category of the website has been changed by our team , please do check the same from your end.

@nivedithab Thank you so much, it looks good now. I really appreciate it!


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