Question on client update support for the free account users

Hello there,

Today I created an account in Xcitium and enrolled it on my Windows PC. I noticed that the application in my account is called “Endpoint Manager Standard Edition”, which seems to be free to use. The version number of the installed COMODO Client Security is rather than the latest 12.13…

I am not sure how to update the CCS client to the latest version or whether it is available for the free account user to have such an update.

Appreciate it if you can give me any advice.

hi @Redstraw ,

“Endpoint Manager Standard Edition” covers only EM as far as I know. If you have installed AEP related features like CCS , Firewall etc and do not have valid AEP license, then you will be billed based on postpaid model for overused devices.

You can check if he has overuse himself on EM Portal > License Management > Bill Forecast.
If you have overuse, you will be charged for them in the end of payment period.

Otherwise if you would like to update the CCS Version that need to be installed by default by navigating to Applications → Settings → Portal Set up → Client Settings → Select the OS → Xcitium Security Client → select the respective version that needs to be default installed always and click on save

You can Also navigate to Applications → Device List → Select Device → Install / Manage Packages → Select respective option to proceed further.

Thank you.

Hi @nivedithab , I have addressed my concern by following the procedure you gave. Thank you very much!