Reboot PC if off during patching

I have procedures to install windows updates weekly, then 3rd party updates after the windows updates are downloaded (10PM, then 11:30PM). I have set the 3rd party updates to force reboot upon completion of this procedure. I’ve selected to enforce even if PC is off during the nighttime procedures.

When a PC is turned on that wasn’t on during the scheduled procedure time, both Windows and 3rd party updates procedures start running simultaneously. As the Windows update is set to suppress reboot and 3rd party is set to reboot, the PCs (mostly laptops that were off) will not reboot from the procedure as the Windows updates will usually take longer to download.

What should I do / is there a script to deal with the PCs so they will reboot in this scenario? These are mostly with laptops that people take home and turn off or will close the lid which causes sleep/hibernate.

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Or maybe a WOL (Wake On Lan) procedure or part of the procedure just before patching starts? This may not work for your off-network laptops.

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