Release Candidate of Comodo Dragon Platform for 13th-14th April, 2022

Hello everyone!

We’re excited to inform you that the latest version of Comodo Dragon Platform will go live at third week of April 2022.

The release schedule will be as follows:

  • US Region Portal --> The release will start on 13th April 2022 Wednesday at 1 AM EDT
  • EU Region Portal and agents --> The release will start on 14th April 2022 Thursday at 5 AM GMT

Dragon Enterprise & Platform

New Features

  • Editable Policy and Suppression Rules
From now on, the company-wide alert policy and suppression rules for alerts can be set. So that, new alerts can be defined, and any apps or files can be excluded to prevent generating alerts.


  • Renaming Endpoint Security Sections
Endpoint Security section under Dragon Enterprise Platform has been entirely renamed with a more comprehensive menu structure.
  • Dragon Enterprise Availability on Europe Region
From now on, Dragon Enterprise Platform will be fully available on Europe region.
  • Full Visibility on all Endpoint Detection and Response Plans
From now on, all Endpoint Detection and Response plans (including free) will have full visibility instead of unknown visibility.


  • Fixed the menu display issue in Dragon Enterprise for Firefox browser.
  • Fixed the issue of not working File Hash search for EDR alerts on Hash View under Alerts.
  • Fixed the issue of User Search on the Alert Search page does not work properly.
  • The issue of Comodo Client Security events are not shown for devices on Investigate page under Event Search has been fixed.
  • Fixed the issue of Website Protection page is not shown occasionally under the SOCaaP menu.
  • The issue of displaying the error when searching Alert Related Events on the Event Search page under the Investigate menu has been fixed.
  • Fixed the issue of EDR events and alerts are absent on the Dragon Enterprise portal.
  • The Malware Detection Charts not displaying issue on Endpoint Dashboard has been fixed.
  • Fixed the issue of fields are not shown on the Event Search page.

Cyber Security

New Features

  • Adding the Containment Run Virtually New Options in the Default Profile
From now on, a containment rule in default profiles can be set for "Run Virtually" action to prohibit usage of SMB shared resources and/or not allow access to other processes memory.
  • Scan Start Date – End Date Addition for Antivirus Device List Export
When the antivirus device list is exported, the Scan Start Date and Scan End Date are now included.
  • Sync/Async LVS Lookup Switch
From now on, LVS Lookup can be configured to be executed synchronously or asynchronously.
  • Showing Embedded Code Detections on a New Section in Application Control
Detected embedded codes are shown on a separate section for easier differentiation from other application detections. Moreover, from now on the content of the detected script can be queried for further analysis.


  • Renaming Security Sub-System Section
Security Sub-System section under Dragon Platform has been entirely renamed with a more comprehensive menu structure.
  • Specific Browser Data Paths Addition to Protected Data Folders
Data folder paths for major web browsers are added under Protected Data Folders section in order to prohibit contained applications to read sensitive browser data. Necessary paths are added for below web browsers. - Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer

  • Containment Rule UI Improvements
From now on, criteria details are also being shown under Containment Rules section.

Device Management & Licensing

New Features

  • Support for Windows Server 2022
From now on, Dragon Platform completely supports Windows Server 2022.
  • Permission Management for Multiple Roles
If more than one role is assigned to a user and/or user group, a combination of the permission set of related roles will be considered when determining the permissions of the user/user group.
  • Ability to Skip Security Warning Popup for a Year
When Comodo Advanced Endpoint Protection is not installed on any endpoint, the security warning popup is being shown, and now users can choose to hide the popup up to one year.
  • Export / Import Functionality for Monitors
Monitors under the Configuration Templates section will be imported and exported collectively.


  • Redesign of the Device List table layout
Device List Table layout under “Device Management” and “Group Management” pages are redesigned to be able to show all texts at the columns and distribute columns properly. Icons are combined at OS and name columns in order to gain more space.
  • Rename Procedure Scheduler Option
When a procedure is added to a profile with a “once” scheduler option, it will be executed once on an endpoint at a selected time. “Never” is renamed as “Once”.


  • Fixed the issue of the enrollment link not sent.
  • Fixed the device doesn't connect to the specified Wi-Fi issue when using the hidden SSID.
  • The system performance issue with EDR installed has been fixed.
  • Fixed the issue of Beta reports failing in the US region.
  • The issue of the "Client security is not installed" filter of is not showing the correct number of unprotected endpoints has been fixed.
  • Fixed the issue of getting an error when switching back to the master account from the partner portal.
  • Fixed the issue of incomplete AV exclusions list in case more than 1 profile is associated with macOS device.
  • Fixed the issue of restricting access from assigning Role but to giving access to create user.
  • Fixed the issue "users.rbac.manage" permission hiding "Customer" field in "Create User" popup.

Secure Email Gateway


  • Fixed the issue of Secure Email Gateway was unable to block a spoofed email sender. Related to this, the SPF and DKIM tests were not done according to the headers but the email was delivered to the inbox issue has been also fixed.
  • Fixed the email bounce back issue.
  • Fixed the issue of unable to re-send email from Archive.
  • Fixed the issue of more than an hour delay in receiving emails.

Secure Internet Gateway


  • Fixed the issue of Secure Internet Gateway Platinum is not shown on the Store for customers who have only the Gold version.


New Portal Versions

Portal: 7.0.42096.22040

Comodo One: 3.49.0

New Windows Client Versions

Comodo Communication Client (Windows): 7.0.42010.22030
Comodo Remote Control (Windows): 7.0.42001.22030

New macOS Client Versions

Comodo Communication Client (MacOS): 7.0.41970.22030
Comodo Security Client (MacOS):
Comodo Remote Control (MacOS): 7.0.42003.22030

New Android Client Versions

Android Mobile Device Management Client (CDN):

New Linux Client Versions

Comodo Communication Client (Linux): 7.0.41995.22030

Best regards,

Product Management Team

Comodo Dragon Release Notes April 2022.pdf (436 KB)