Release Notes Comodo Dragon Platform August Release (August 03-04, 2022)

Hello everyone!

We’re excited to inform you that the latest version of Comodo Dragon Platform will go live in the first week of August 2022.

The release schedule will be as follows:

  • US Region Portal --> The release will start on August 3rd, 2022, Wednesday at 1 AM EDT
  • EU Region Portal & Agents --> The release will start on August 4th, 2022, Thursday at 6 AM BST
The release is expected to take 30 minutes to deploy, during that time the platform will be under maintenance mode, where you may observe minor glitches. If you observe any issues, please feel free to share them with us.

Dragon Enterprise & Platform Portals

New Features

  • Access to containment activity logs of endpoints.
  • Ability to add secret questions right after configuring 2FA.
  • Improved portal UI compatible with Xcitium rebranding.
  • Fixed the issue of the event search page does not receive data when the count value is clicked according to the data of a device in the device view page.
  • Fixed the display of different customers' devices issue for MSP accounts.
Cyber Security

New Features

  • Detection of unsigned DLLs loaded into trusted processes.
Comodo Client Security

New Features

  • Enabled WMI provider registration detection from DLLs.
  • Protection for CCS's own processes and assets.
  • Ability to limit CCS resource allocation.
  • Monitor shared resources and detect suspicious file encryption by ransomware.
  • Detection of WMI provider auto-runs.
  • Ability to add exceptions for script analysis.
  • Detection for macro script executions.
  • Improved EDR and Comodo Client - Security Agent communications and compatibility.
  • Optimization of user scan interface.
  • Preventing run report tool in containment.
  • Ability to send actual containment script content to portal.
  • Performance optimization and monitoring.
  • Saving EDR alerts on MDR as event format.
  • Fixed updated local verdicts DB errors.
  • Fixed the error that loaded malicious DLL was not quarantined in the ongoing.
  • Fixed the user profile service problem with CCS.
  • Fixed errors for specific firewall & website definitions.
  • Fixed the issue of CIS firewall driver not running after Windows and CCS binary upgrade.
  • Fixed the issue of devices not getting responsive while listing CCS logs.
  • Fixed the issue of Windows Server 2016 not getting responsive with CCS installed.
  • Fixed the issue of infected items are not auto-cleaned after the full scan is completed
  • Fixed the issue of winget.exe being contained and not logged.
  • Fixed the higher CPU utilization by cmdagent.exe performance issue.
Device Management & Licensing

New Features

  • Automatic profile and device update once file group variables are updated.
Secure Internet Gateway

New Features

  • Adaptation to new product offerings.
Secure Email Gateway

New Features

  • Adaptation to new product offerings.
  • Secure Email Gateway has been rebranded as Xcitium.
  • Fixed the issue of detecting the attachments as different types even though they have the MS office extension.

New Portal Versions

Portal: 7.1.42819
Dragon Enterprise: 4.3.0
Comodo One: 3.52.0
SOCaaP: 2.3.0
Secure Email Gateway: 1.0.15-14
Secure Internet Gateway: 2.14.13

New Windows Client Versions

Comodo Communication Client: 7.1.43113.22060
Comodo Client - Security: 12.12.0


Comodo Dragon Release Notes August 2022 (External).pdf (457 KB)