Release Notes of Xcitium & OpenEDR Platforms & EDR February Release (February 22-23, 2023)

Hello everyone!

We’re pleased to inform you that the latest version of Xcitium Enterprise & Xcitium Platform & OpenEDR Platforms & EDR Agent is live now!

The release schedule was implemented as follows:

  • US Region Portal: The release will start on 2023-02-22T06:00:00Z
  • EU Region Portal: The release will start on 2023-02-23T06:00:00Z
  • EDR Agent: The release will start on 2023-02-23T08:00:00Z

The release was implemented within 30 minutes of deployment, during release time the platform could be under maintenance mode, where you might observe minor glitches.

And if you observe any issues after release, please feel free to share them with us.​

Xcitium Enterprise & Platform

Neew Features

  • Preventing customers who should not have access to see all procedures and allocating permissions for the procedures they can see.


  • Providing a list of devices in which related firewall event is seen.
  • Improvement on the File Rating page by removing pagination to increase search result performance.
  • Improvement to show “Restore all items from quarantine” action in audit logs.
  • Default 7-day filter for the firewall events page
  • More visible Firewall and HIPS Events menu.

Bug - Fixes

  • Fixed the issue where the shows all data ignoring filtering when exported as CSV even though the data is filtered on HIPS Events page.
  • Fixed the freezing issue in date filters on dashboard.
  • Fixed the showing wrong last detection date issue on HIPS Events page.
  • Fixed the issue of Endpoint Manager doesn’t send Monitor email.
  • Fixed the issue of showing nonsense error message on the Enterprise platform if the user password is expired.
  • Fixed the issue of the XCS firewall blocking edrsvc.exe

OpenEDR Platform


  • Adding how-to videos and a Calendly option to book an appointment for Xcitium team to make it easier to enroll devices and deploy EDR.

Bug - Fixes

  • Fixed the issue of default policy error of OpenEDR accounts with SOCaaP Essentials, SOCaaP Advanced, and SOCaaP Managed licenses.

Xcitium EDR Agent - Windows


  • Updating EDR MSI installation process as disabling “Custom Script” action.
  • Getting rating with Trusted Vendor List support for EDR agent.


  • Fixed the issue of unable to edit shared spreadsheets when EDR is installed.
  • Fixed the issue of Virtual Memory Access events not listed on the EDR agent log


New Portal Versions

  • Xcitium Enterprise: 4.12.0
  • Xcitium Platform: 3.61.0
  • Endpoint Manager: 7.3.43770.23020
  • OpenEDR Platform: 1.4.0

New Agent Versions

  • Xcitium EDR Agent - Windows:

Dear all,

Post-production tests are complete. We hope you have a great experience with the new Xcitium Platform & EDR agent.

We are sorry to report to you that a critical issue was found for Windows Server 2016 during post-production tests of Xcitium Client - Security 12.14, and we had to roll back to the previous version. Our teams are fully investigating the issue to provide a fix as soon as possible. Accordingly, we will let you know when the fix and new version is ready.

Thank you for your understanding.

Xcitium Product Management Team

Hello, Thank you for the feedback. When will the EDR 2.6 be available us the upgrade option for me is still greyed out.

Hello @QuickSilverST,
To update Xcitium Client - EDR to 2.6 version, Xcitium Communication Client 7.3 version is needed. Could you please try to update EDR to 2.6 after updating Communication Client to 7.3?

Kind regards,

Hello, all our endpoints are on the latest XCC 7.3.44980.22120. We do have some machines on older version but they haven’t been online in a while. So far all the machines that are online and latest XCC agent shows greyed out for EDR update.

Hello @QuickSilverST

Okay, we’ve eliminated one of the cases of not getting the latest version (or version 2.6) of EDR.

Could you please also make sure that the Default EDR version for Xcitium Client - EDR is the “Latest” or “2.6” is selected in the Windows section of Client Settings?

And please let me know if it works. If your problem persists, I’ll keep you in touch with support.

Kind regards,

Hello Elif,

I singed out and back into my account, the edr option is still greyed out. I tried a couple random endpoints and same thing.

Thnx for the help

@QuickSilverST could you please check your forum inbox?