Release Notes of Xcitium & OpenEDR Platforms May Release (May 24-25, 2023)

Hello everyone!

We’re pleased to inform you that the latest versions of Xcitium Enterprise, Xcitium Platform and OpenEDR Platform are live now!

The release schedule was implemented as follows:

  • US Region Portal: The release will start on 2023-05-24T07:00:00Z
  • EU Region Portal: The release will start on 2023-05-25T07:00:00Z

The release was implemented within 30 minutes of deployment, during release time the platform could be under maintenance mode, where you might observe minor glitches.

And if you observe any issues after release, please feel free to share them with us.​

Xcitium Enterprise & Platform

New Features

  • A new option is available under Bulk Installation Package and regular Windows enrollment to enroll a device with Managed status into SOCaaP.


  • Support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server 9. x with or without GUI.
  • Improvement of the Initial Deployment Profile and Secure Profile naming to include portal versioning.


  • Fixed the issue of showing empty components for the EDR events query.

OpenEDR Platform


  • Fixed the issue of provisioning error for Xcitium Managed and Xcitium Guided licenses.


New Portal Versions

  • Xcitium Enterprise: 4.13.2
  • Xcitium Platform: 3.64
  • Endpoint Manager: 8.1
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