Request API to collect inventory from EM

We need API to collect software inventory
And now we just only export software inventory summary report ( without which devices has install it)
So we need to generate data from EM management
We are need data filed.

  1. Software Title
  2. Application Category
  3. Vendor
  4. Installed Devices
  5. Installed Devices Name
  6. Version
  7. Installed Time
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Unfortunately the API has a limit of returning only 200 device information. We also use API but currently blocked by this limit and have asked to be lifted. The API that is currently available is enough for now (room for more) but unusable due to that 200 device limit

“$0”: {
“columns”: [
“pagination”: {
“limit”: 200,
“offset”: 0,
“count”: 200

hi @Jasper
I have forwarded you request to the concern team and they will get back with the corresponding solution.

Hi @Jasper

You can reference the swagger URL for the API request and you need to use your credentials as well to login

Prod EU:

Prod US:

Hi Sir,

I could not login it?


hi @Jasper

you need to use your credentials as well to login